Hiring Doctors and Staff

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We can understand how tough it is to recruit expert staff to effectively process the diversified functions of a hospital and clinic. A wrong move can compromise your brand value while a perfect bunch of happily employed staff can enhance the reputation and dignity of your business.

With us as your preferred partner for hospital and healthcare staffing solutions, you can be rest assured that your staff will be experienced, friendly and most importantly subject matter experts in the niche they will work for you. Genitus is guided by Mr. Murali N. Rao – who has working experience with many healthcare entities, has interacted with hundreds of doctors directly and indirectly have helped qualified professional to get recruited in leading rural and urban healthcare facilities.

We can help you find the right resource – from an expert doctor to a friendly nurse; who will add value to your growth and in the process mature your organisation into a full-fledged trusted entity that puts care and service above all.

TPA Government Scheme

Third-party administrators are prominent players in the Health care industry and have the expertise and capability to administer all or a portion of the claims process. They are normally contracted by a health insurer or self-insuring companies to administer services, including claims administration, premium collection, enrollment and other administrative activities. A hospital or provider organization desiring to set up its own health plan will often outsource certain responsibilities to a TPA.